10 Popular Plants to Give This Valentine’s Day (Part 1 of 2)

As a plant lover, what kind of plants are ideal to be gifted this Valentine’s Day? We’ve made the following selection:


1.Flamingo Plants


This may sound new, but this is just another name for flamingo plants. It comes in different colors including red, white and pink. Some wouldn’t want to give this away as a gift because of the waxy plastic appearance that has made it look like a plant of insincerity. But its natural heart shaped figure makes it the perfect symbol of love for many.


How to take care of your flamingo plants?


These plants require a lot of humidity. So, if you do not have enough heat and warm sunshine, this may not be the perfect plant for you.


2.Heart Ferns


This plant can be easily taken care of in a small pot. Thus, you won’t have to worry giving it to someone with a small space at home. Make it more special by putting it in a fancy glass apothecary for her to enjoy its glossy heart-shaped leaves.


Do you want to give it in surprise?


Place it near their work station. Add a plant marker with a love quote expressing your feelings. This will remind them of your love all year long.


3.The Hoya Heart


How many plants are shaped like a heart? Not so many! But this succulent plant is shaped like a heart it is considered a classic Valentine’s gift by many.


Interested to cultivate one in your garden?


That is a great idea because this plant has a very high demand all year round. You’ll easily find customers looking for it from around the world. Ensure you have enough plant markers to properly label your plants as you start cultivating it this year.


4.String of Hearts


Wouldn’t it be great to see the gift of your beloved greeting you upon waking up in the morning? That’s exactly what the String of Hearts will do to your day. It will make them smile each day they glance at the window because it will be there to remind them of your love.


Is this easy to take care of?


Yes! This is very easy to take care, you can place it anywhere in your house. Just ensure it has enough water and some sunlight every now and then.


5.Moth Orchids


Rather than giving a bouquet of flowers, wouldn’t it be better to give a plant that will bloom each year when properly taken care of?


This is the reason many lovers prefer to give Moth Orchids as a gift. It is a symbol of elegance and luxury. It can also be very expensive, depending on the breed you choose to give to someone. But it’s worth it because these flowers can last up to six months. That is far better than giving someone a bouquet of flowers, right?


How to take care of these moth orchids?


Place them out of direct sunlight but do water them occasionally. Add an organic plant marker to them to know when you have received this gift from your beloved.


We have more plants to share with you. Keep on following us for more plant and gardening inspiration. Learn more about us.

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