10 Popular House Plants to Give This Valentine’s Day (Part 2 of 2)

We now come to Part 2 of our Valentines series. Rather than roses, it’s time to be more innovative with the gifts you give her. Consider the following house plants instead:




This is a perfect add-on to your living room. It adds some color to it with its bold paddlelike leaves kissed with some tinge of red on its tips. Find a plant cultivator with “Hot Lips” breed for an even fiercer red display on its tips.


This is inexpensive, it costs less than $10.00. You can make it fancier by putting it in a more extravagant pot and makes your potted Flapjacks more special!


Are you worried that your special someone may have a hard time taking care of this plant?


No worries at all.


This is very easy to maintain because it can grow in almost all types of weather conditions.


7.Pitcher Plants


This can be a scary plant, for insects, because it snaps mosquitoes and flies. Thus, it not only adds some color to your house but also protects it against those naughty flies and mosquitoes lurking around.


8.Bleeding Heart


Although it may seem like the plant for broken-hearted people, you may still consider having one at your home because of the beautiful heart shaped pink and white flowers that drip from its long arching stem. This makes it a very mysterious flower to many.


This grows best in places with partial shade, like a tree with huge branches. Nevertheless, it can still grow if placed in a sunny position, but you should ensure its soil remains moist.


Just a bit of caution:


Be extra careful when planting one because although it is beautiful to look at, this can cause stomach upsets if ingested by your pets or children. So be sure to make this known before giving this plant to them.




Snowdrop has been a popular plant given during Valentines, especially in Denmark, because it often blooms during late winter. This makes for plenty of beauty during this period.


As history shares, snowdrops are indeed part of Denmark’s Valentine tradition. Its flowers are enveloped in a card called a “gaekkebrev”, which is a personalized poem without the name of the sender.


Nowadays, this tradition may have been replaced with Hallmark cards and chocolates; but giving potted snowdrops remain to be a popular choice for many.


Given its white petals, snowdrops are also favorite potted plants during Valentines.


10.Cherry Blossoms


This is a massive plant to give for Valentines, but it will truly be a testament to your love for her. This time around, it’s just not a potted plant you intend to give but a tree, which has deeper roots.


That says a lot of things.


So, what are your plant ideas for Valentine’s Day? Share it with us.

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