5 Gardening Benefits You Didn’t Know

Gardening has dozens of benefits. Some of these may not be known to many. Thus, we have listed five of these below.


1.It relieves stress and boosts your self-esteem


A Dutch Study conducted revealed how gardening can help relieve a person’s stress. This is due to the low cortisol level they have displayed compared to those who were asked to read books indoors for 30 minutes.


Cortisol, a “Stress Hormone”, can affect more than just our mood. It also helps control your blood sugar levels, balance metabolism, help minimize inflammation and assist with memory formulation. Thus, increased cortisol levels in the body have been linked to Various health conditions, including obesity, memory, learning problems and even heart diseases.


Thus, in comparison to reading, it may be better for you to get that shovel and start tilling the soil instead.


2.Reduce Stroke risk and Improves Heart Health


Gardening is not just for the seniors, but it’s applicable for teens as well. It can be your way of attaining 2.5 hours of moderate to intensified exercise each week.


In a Stockholm study conducted, regular gardening helped trim the risk of heart attack and stroke of up to 30%, especially for those beyond the age of 60. Apparently, getting exposed to the sun (without sunscreen) at midday gives you enough vitamin D that reduces the risk of certain illnesses such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and numerous cancers.


So if you haven’t considered gardening yet, it’s high time to start incorporating this into your lifestyle.


3.Improves Hand strength and Nimbleness


As you age, the strength and dexterity of our hands diminish. This results in restricted movements on certain activities. Thus, doctors often recommend gardening to stroke patients in helping rebuild their muscles strength. However, ensure you use both your left and right hands to ensure your brain functions well even as you age.


4.Lower the risk of Alzheimer and Enhance Brain Health


There was a long term study that shows daily gardening can reduce the risk of dementia by 36%.


How is this possible?


The development of Alzheimer is still a mystery however, gardening could help improve many of our critical functions such as strength, endurance, dexterity, learning, problem solving and sensory perception. This helps exercise our brains that is beneficial in the process.


5.Improves Immune System


We all know now the great importance of Vitamin D in our health and we can get it by soaking under the sun when you garden. But do you know that the dirt that could get in our fingernails during the activity is also good for your health?


“Mycobacterium vaccae” a beneficial bacteria that can be found in the garden soil and gets sucked up by inhalation or consumed on vegetables has been found to soothe symptoms of psoriasis, allergies, asthma and far most depression.


So let gets our hands dirty! Start gardening and enjoy the many benefits it can bring you.

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