10 Easy to grow Plants for First-time Gardeners (Part 1 of 2)

Is planting a garden part of your New Year’s resolution for 2019? Or you are simply inspired to become a gardener because of the many Pinterest and Instagram posts you have seen online? Whatever reason you may have for gardening, here are some recommended plants you may wish to grow as a first time gardener.




“Pansy” is derived from the French word pensée, or “thought.” The flower was regarded as a symbol of remembrance.


This type of flower is hard to kill. It is a large-flowered hybrid plant with more than 300 varieties to choose from. This is very easy to grow and can even survive during the winter months or even in hot environments. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of growing one in your garden, do so during August if you are in the northern region of the country and in October if you live in the southern area.


How to Grow Pansies


If you are planning to grow pansies from seeds, you should bury each seed in moist soil with a space of 7 to 12 inches apart.


Are you leaving in a colder environment? Ensure to plant these pansies in an area that can receive more sunlight.


How about those who live in a hotter environment? Just give it some shade and water them regularly for it to survive.




Growing tomato plants require a constant soil temperature of 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a cold place you should plant your seeds six to eight weeks before your area’s èstimated last frost date. Thus, for anyone who wants to plant tomatoes, they are more likely to start indoors planting these indoors.


How to Grow Tomatoes


First, prepare 1 container for every two seeds. This is for you to easily transplant them in the future. Plastic or styrofoam can be used to. Create small holes in the bottom for drainage then fill it with good potting mix. After that, place the seeds about a quarter of an inch below the surface. Mist it with water (moist but not soggy) and try to maintain a 70 to 80-degree room temperature. In 10 days time, these plant will sprout. Be sure to give them lots of sunlight.


As soon as the plant has four leaves per piece, move them in a bigger container. A pot with 4 to 6 inches height is perfect. Find a sunny part in your garden and till the soil 1 week before the last frost date until its nice and loose. Then dig a 6 to 8 inches deep. After the last frost date and the soil had warmed up, throw in 3 inches of compost. Cover it with extra soils then transplant your seedlings in.


For you not to forget when you have planted these seedlings, ensure you have sufficient MCG Biomarkers to serve as your plant labels. Order one from us, today.




Basil and tomatoes do not only make a great combination in your spaghetti but also in your garden.




Because these two plants compliment each other as they grow.


Basil serves as a natural bug repellent that can drive away plant-eating insects. For some reason, planting these two beside each other also gives a better flavor to your tomotoes.


How to Grow Basil Plants


Garden-raised basil should have plenty of sunlight and needs to be arranged accordingly.


It should be at least 12 inches apart and planted six weeks before the last frost comes. Water them lightly whenever the soil looks and feels dry. Take care of these plant and you’ll have delicious leaves on hand for many of your dishes.




MINT is another plant that is very easy to grow. Thus, the challenge rests on not growing it but how you can keep it from covering your garden. To avoid this, put this in clay pots so its roots won’t escape.


How to Grow a Mint Plant


You will need damp soil with fine drainage to plant this. Keep in a location with moderate shade and it is ready to grow.




This one is a terrific choice for a first-time gardener. It doesn’t need much in fertilizing, and they can even blossom even in the squashiest soil.


How to Grow Sunflower Plants


As its name says, this flower requires a lot of direct open sunlight.


To start, you have to wait until the until the last frost date passed in the spring and then plant your seed in 1-inch hole.  Space them at least 6 inches apart for the best result. Water them well after planting.



With these five plants to begin with. You can easily grow your first plants even with very few experiences. Read on to know the other plants you can plant for the first time.

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