How to Organize your Garden Space

A garden is a nice spot for some “siesta” time as it can easily become your little sanctuary. If you design and organize it accordingly, it can even add life and appeal to your home. But what if you have limited space? Will this still be possible?


What are the Pros and Cons of a small garden?




  1. Equipment – if your garden is small, you be in need of massive and expensive tools. Hand tools will work perfectly for you.
  2. Fill up space – having a small unused space on your yard, a small garden is a perfect fit to fill up space.




  1. Work – there will still be work but not as big with a larger garden. A small garden will still need constant maintenance and care.
  2. Notable crop loss – since the garden is small, losses are noticeable.


Things to Ponder About Your Small Garden


A small garden is not as expensive as a large garden. It needs fewer resources and lesser preparation and maintenance.


How do you begin?


Most people think that arranging a nice garden takes up tons of effort, especially if you are limited by space. But this is not the case. You just need to make the right choices.


Need help? That’s why we are here!


Look at the following ideas on how to organize your small garden space.


  • Small garden with a seating area


You can place a wooden seat at the heart of your garden and surround it with lots of greenery. Choose your own type of plants with some little flower on the sides. As you needed, you may even add some lantern lights for exposure.


  • Patio


A small patio can give a nice and cozy vibe if your garden is seated in the corner of your yard. Plant boxes can be placed on the corners. Add some flowerpot on the sides of the chair. Also, install wall light to give you light at night.


  • Hammocks and wooden furniture


Using hammocks can take up less space for seating in your small garden. Use a piece of wooden furniture to create an organic look to your space. Add a little touch of bricks on the floor and pathway and see how this can make it look bigger.


  • Combine


Imagine dining under a snug garden? Wouldn’t this bring a homey feel?

Since your space is small, combining some areas to maximize your small area is a smart choice. Add a small lounge beneath your beloved plants to make you feel more connected to nature. Now you can read books while enjoying the cool ambiance it delivers.


  • The More, The Merrier


Put up different plants as much as possible. The greener the better, but don’t forget the flowers for color variations! The more plants, the more oxygen for you. This makes your garden satisfyingly good for your health.


  • Connecting places


If you have a modern house with a small space in between, then you may wish to turn it into a connecting garden to an open lounge. You may place a gigantic flower pot with pebbles on the ground to create a focal point. A few bermudagrass across the flower pot will also be nice.


Make your garden informative. Use plant markers to label the unique flora you have hidden in your garden. Keep following our blog for part two of this article.

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