How to Organize your Garden Space (Part 2 of 2)

Your mind must be in a daze now that you have several options to think about with your small garden space. But we have more ideas for you to consider. Dive in and let your creativity and resourcefulness work.


  • DIY Decorations and be colorful


Decorating your garden can be DIY. You may create a vertical DIY garden and add some DIY candle lights as a centerpiece. This will bring a nice atmosphere for a lunch out with family and friends.

However, do make sure to choose the best plant and most colorful flowers to put in your garden. Remember that combining different flowers will add a lively feeling to your space.


  • Be abundant with a small cohesive garden


Just because your space is small, it does not mean the flowers also have to be limited.

Flood your garden with small plants in large bounties. Also, Since it is small, it is easy to organize a small cohesive garden. It is easy for you to see what is lacking. You may use concrete stones for paving.


  • Garden beside your Fence


Sometimes there is unused space on the side of your fence and a garden is a great filler for it.

Put up plant boxes according to the material of your fence to create a continuous color scheme to it. You may also create a focal point with paving slabs for some variance with your outdoor landscape.


  • Small planters and movable plants


It won’t hurt the view to use small planters in a small garden. Just be creative with the design.

If you are not into large scale plants, you can surround your garden with a series of potted plants and flowers. It will be easy for you to move and redecorate these, as you want.


  • Accentuate for open garden and stone steps


If you have an open type of garden, placing a small planter in the middle can accentuate the outlook of your space. You may also use mosaic brick flooring. Also, stone stepping can be used to accent the colors of your garden. Make sure to have a different number of plants for a kick of life.


  • Gravel and Wood


Aside from bricks, using gravel for the flooring will give a more natural look on your garden. Making you feel like in another dimension. You can partner it with wood furniture for the chairs, tables and on the other parts of the garden.


  • Steady Seating


You can create steady seating with some tiles and bricks. It will lessen the cost of buying garden chairs.


There are still a lot of ways to organize your garden space. Don’t let that unused space be dull and lonely. Turn it into a lovely garden despite its size.  Add some plant labels to it to know, which among your plants needs more sunlight or water.


Should you have any ideas to share, we are most happy to receive it from you.



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