7 Spring Garden Preparation Before Planting

Careful preparation lessens the trouble we encounter. Thus, it is important to prepare a to-do list before starting the whole process. So, as winter ends and spring has begun, is our garden ready?


Let us help you with these seven spring garden preparation tips:


1. Preparing to Get Ready


Before starting to work on your garden, you need to get your tools ready. It will be your main pack in preparing your garden.


Make sure that your garden tools are well maintained in order to serve its purpose. Sharpen your blades and clean out the specks of dirt on your tools. Others may have cleaned their tools before keeping them but as time goes by, dust can build-up on it.


Prepare 10% bleach and 90% water solution to help sterilize your garden tools. Ensure these are soaked for about half an hour. This solution kills off bacteria and fungi that might be in.


2. Prepare your Garden Beds


Garden beds are essential in the growth of your plants. Add nutrient to your soil and make sure the soil is loose. Remove pests and weeds. Since pests are dormant at spring it will be easy for you to eliminate them. Make sure to check any hidden weeds in your beddings. Take them out immediately.


Check your soil’s health. Provide its needs before planting. Cover crops into your soil to boost your plants. Make sure to loosen any compacted soil to provide sufficient airways for young roots to grow easily.


How? Add fertilizers, but not just ordinary fertilizers. Choose organic fertilizers such as alfalfa, cover Crops, wood chips, compost, animal waste, and ash.


Why choose organic fertilizers?


Organic or natural fertilizers undergo a minimal process and their nutrients remain in natural forms. Using organic fertilizers help improve the structure of your soil without over fertilizing your plant. These fertilizers are renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable. Also, you don’t have to worry about the chemicals that can be carried out on your growing plants.


3. Tree Maintenance


You may start removing the winter covering of your trees as the cold season is ending. Most people prune their trees before winter time and let it grow in springtime. Cut off dead branches to avoid accidents from falling woods.


Your fruit trees might need oiling. Spray it with horticultural oils to eliminate pests and reduce the risk of diseases. Spraying oil often lessens the chances of spiders, aphids, mites, and even scales.


4. Trim Perennials and Shrubs


Light cutting and shaping of your perennials and shrubs are ideal before the spring season kicks in. While perennials flowers get heavily mulched on winter, so as the ground starts to warm up, you can remove the mulch.


5. Garden Lawn Care at Spring Time


Crabgrass comes along as spring comes in. Be sure to be early in cutting crabgrass before it root in deep. Also, get rid of dandelions and weeds so they won’t seed.


Seed again with your lawn seed from places where you’ve removed crabgrass. If needed, add a little compost to encourage growth.


Lawn aeration happens during spring. This is the process of digging holes on your soil to allow breathability and gives you space to add some compost. Do not add too much fertilizer this month as it can wash off by the rain.


6. General Maintenance


It is that time of the year to check your irrigation system for any leakage. Replace and fix any damages you might find. This is also the season ideal for putting long-term features. Adding a compost-section and potting bench is a good choice.


Replace old mulch in the pathways to prevent weed occurrence. Repairing your fence to rescue from total destruction is also applicable on this time.


7. Plan your Planting


Often times, we’d like to plant as much as we can. But you’ve got to plan first which comes first then what’s next. Plants can depend on the weather to ensure its full potential growth. So research your plants first before seeding in.


It might feel like a never-ending to-do list in spring but after some times, it will come as second nature to you. By doing these simple steps can help you prepare your garden before spring! Make sure to list down everything first before the action!

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