8 Caring Tips for Your Plants To Survive the Summer Heat this 2019

Its summer time and the heat is approaching! As humans feel the heat, plants do too.

Are they prepared for it? Or Have you even prepared them for it?


If not yet, here are some tips you can use to help your plants survive the heat of summer.


1.Promote High Humidity


Plants love high humidity or moisture. As the summer heat comes in, you should mist your plants more often than you used to. The heat can cause your plants’ moisture to evaporate quickly. So you have to mist them frequently during this season.


You can also fill up a shallow dish with water and surround it with pebbles, then put your plant on top of it to create a humid micro-climate and help your plant survive the heat of summer.


2.Water Your Plants Deep


Proper watering is key in taking care of your plants. To prepare your plants for the summer heat, make sure to water your plants deeply. If you water your plants too fast the top of the soil only gets the water. The water doesn’t run down deep to the roots. So try to water them slowly, allowing the soil to fully absorb the water and soak up deep down.


During this season, make sure to always check the moisture level of your soil. Whether through a moisture meter or by finger test. Re-hydrate your plants frequently.


3.Shade Your Plants


Your plants can get sunburn too. Too much exposure to sun and dry up your plants. So it is best to give them a little shade since you can’t put sunscreen on them. If you do not have any shades available, you can just simply move your plants away from direct sunlight.


4.Make Sure To Keep It Cool


For your house plants, they could also faint in the heat. So do your best to keep them away from the hottest spot of your house. Move them away from the windows.


It may sound absurd, but one of the best ways to keep your house cool during hot summer time is to close your windows during the day when it is hot and open them at night when it is cooler.



5.Do Not Fertilize


As fertilizer is your plants’ food, summer is not the right time to give it to them. They are in their summer survival mode and is not looking for nutrients. It will only cause them more stress than what they are facing at the moment. Never fertilize your plants at this time. Let them cool down and recover first before feeding them.


6.Don’t Re-pot During Summer Heat


As well as the fertilizers not to be given during this time, re-potting is also not advisable. A 100+ degree temperature is not the best time to re-pot your plant as it can cause damage to the leaves and roots. Re-potting can cause further stress to your plant and will cause the process to fail.


7.Wait Before You Trim


Are you guessing why you should wait before you prune or trim any damaged leaves and stem? Well, I think you know why: Stress! Trimming plants here and there is a help to your plants for new growth but trimming at this heat of time is not good. You might assume that a leaf is a goner because of discoloration and cut it off. But don’t! Because as the weather gets cooler, the leaf might get back to its normal color. It will be best for you to wait until the conditions are cooler before ticking off leaves and stems that didn’t survive.


8.Recognize Stress


Last but not least, spotting the problem the earlier the better. Catching the problems early can help you stop it before it ravages your plants. The usual things that cause stress to plants during summer time are too much heat and little supply of water. So be sure to keep these things in mind to help your plant survive the heat.


Here are some common signs to spot in plants for stress:


  • Wilting
  • Pale look
  • Rough brown or yellow patches on the leaves and stems



Hopefully, these tips can help your plant in surviving the heat of summer. Make sure to check them regularly to spot any occurring problems! Water them with lots of love!

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