10 Astonishing Things You Might Not Know About Your Garden

“Leave a room in your garden for fairies to dance” – Unknown


Sshh, there are secrets hiding underneath your petals, leaves, and dirt.


Gardening is not just like pouring hot water into a cup of coffee. It deals with effort, patience, and dedication to growing a few or more. But it’s not all hardships, there are silly fun facts you might not know and we are sharing it to you!


1.A Sunflower is not just One Flower!


The brown center and the yellow petals are combined 1,000 and 2,000 individuals flowers in one single stalk! Crazy right!


2.They are more than you can count


Microorganisms in one teaspoon of soil are more than the number of people on earth!

They’re alive!!! Yikes! This fact might get you scratching but seriously, microbes are a significant part in keeping your soil loaded of nutrients.


3.Plants Hear You


An old wive’s tale: Talking to plants help them grow, but as studies have shown, vibration(such as music, or the sweet sound of voice) affects their growth. So do not just talk to your flowers, sing to them!!!


4.Butterflies are more attracted to weeds than flowers


Shock? Don’t be.  Your colorful blooms aren’t the main reason the insects visit your garden but the fragrance and nectar. According to a study of Smithsonian Institute, growing flowers often lose their smell in the process. So everyday weeds such as dandelions and clovers might be the most appealing to your butterflies. Taking care of heirloom flower seeds can get them to come in your way.


5.Baking Soda is a great help in growing sweeter tomatoes


Sprinkling this kitchen staple into your garden soil can reduce acidity and helps sweeten your tomatoes.


6.Some fruits actually belong to the rose family


Fruits such as Apple, Pear, Cherries, Peaches, Strawberries, and Raspberries are more of Rosaceae, which makes them cousins of the long-stemmed valentine’s day flowers.


7.Combination of the right orchids can smell like your favorite dessert


An oncidium hybrid named Sharry Baby smells like chocolate and the cymbidium Golden Elf smells like a lemon while Phalaenopsis violacea have a cinnamon scent. Combine these three and you are like baking yourself a brownie.


8.By altering the pH level of your soil, you can change the color of a Hydrangea


More alkaline soil can result in a pinker bloom. But if you want to have more blue hues, add more organic matter in your soil, such as egg cells or coffee grounds. The change does not happen overnight, but soon you shall succeed in altering your soil’s pH level.


9.8 feet high is reachable by a Deer


A deer might require a running distance to jump 8 feet high, so a tiny fence will not be a bit of a problem for them. Try to put up a taller fence to keep these garden nibblers at a distance. You can also use thorny plants, lights, and chimes to scare them away.


10.There’s a cheat in composting


You don’t need to be devoted in composting to garner the same results. It may be cheating but you can place directly the banana peels, coffee grounds, and eggshell to the soil. No need to wait in composting. As they decompose above the soil, the nutrients are received immediately by the plants.


Hopefully, these made you smile!

Do you have any gardening secrets? Share with us!

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