Affordable Sustainable Gardening Ideas for 2019

Are you thinking of how you can create a sustainable garden hassle-free and in an inexpensive way?




Do you just want to redecorate your garden?


In that case, let us give you some sustainable garden landscaping ideas to consider.


SPOILER: This is absolutely AFFORDABLE.


1.Rather than replace, how about revive?


Garden renovation doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of everything that was originally in your garden? Some items can stay, such as your existing plants and their structures. Reuse these by repainting them or putting them in a different location.


Do so by re-imagining your new garden. Consider your favorite plant, pot, and other old materials that may still fit the new style you have in mind. There may even be MCG plant labels that can be reused for a new set of plants.


Write this down on paper and you’ll be surprised at how much you will be spending on your renovated garden.


2.Use local and reusable materials


It is always best to use locally made materials. These are cheaper in price because it does not have to be delivered very far.


You should also choose a material that can last up a lifetime, like stones rather than wood. Stones can stay with you longer than woods that you have to ditch to a landfill after some time.


Do you need to buy plant labels for your new garden? See some of the local retailers you can visit near you here.


3.Include a water source in your garden redesign


Just like plants, water also helps you get closer to nature. Add a pond or fountain to your new garden to attract wildlife creatures such as birds and frogs. This will make your garden more natural.


4.Choose Local Native Plants


Choosing plants that are native your place connects your garden to a larger scope of ecosystem. These native plants easily adapt to the soil and climate, thus need for water and fertilizer is lessen.


Don’t know where to get local native plants in your area? Check your local plant preserves and arboretums for ideas.


5.Add Pollinator-Friendly Plants


There are types of plants that attract a variety of birds, butterfly, and bees. Consider this as part of your garden to help add color to your garden while supporting the wildlife.


6.Set up a rain garden and collect rainwater


Collecting rainwater can save up water for your plants for the drier days or months. You can place a barrel right under your downspouts to catch the rainwater. Just make sure that it is not prohibited on your local area.


You may also set up a rain garden by using gravel and soil as a filter that will purify harmful pollutants such as:


  • Hydrocarbon
  • Heavy metal
  • Fertilizer
  • Pesticides


Rain gardens direct rainwater to a sunken, planted garden area then slowly soak into the ground instead of draining it off the site.


The living sponge created by the amended soil helps to hold and absorb the water longer. These results in less supplemental water support for your plants.


These are just some ideas that you can use in designing or redesigning your landscape area. Hopefully, these can help lit up ideas in your mind. Keep it natural fellow gardeners!

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