What Is National Public Gardens Week?

Hey fellow gardeners!!! Have you heard? This is a special week every gardener should celebrate for us to celebrate!


What is National Public Gardens Week?


National Public Gardens Week started in 2009 in partnership with Rain Bird.  Since then, this has been a week dedicated to show the significance a lively garden can bring to any community. It also promotes environmental responsibility and community enrichment through community conversation, engagement, and sustainable execution. All of which is something great to celebrate, right?


When is it happening?


This special week will be celebrated on May 13-19 2019. So if your community garden is not yet on the list, check to see if you can still register.


What to expect during the National Public Gardens Week?


Throughout this special week, events are everywhere. People are all invited to visit, volunteer, engage and donate to the public community gardens to help highlight the importance and impact of the gardens as community resources and encouragement for change.


It is an extraordinary way to spend your family time. Come and visit different remarkable gardens in the US!


Watch this video to learn more about it.



If you haven’t decided which garden to start visiting? See our list here!

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