Odd and Entertaining Yet Informative Gardening Facts

Do not underestimate gardening. You may think its a bore (for those who are not into it) but this list might be something you haven’t heard about gardening. So read on and be surprised!


Here they are:


1. “Victory Garden” campaign’s concept started while WWII was on. It was created to encourage people to grow their own food not only for consumption but also to improve morale and community recreation. From those gardens have raised the community gardens.


2. Did you know that a man’s sex life can be improved by a minimum of 30 minutes of gardening? See, gardening is not just gardening! Mowing the lawn, weeding and digging for as little as 30 minutes can prevent man’s impotence! So guys, get your hands dirty and work your ass off in your garden!


3. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had grown cannabis in their plantation. What? Really?! Oh yes, they did! Jefferson even created a device that produces hemp in 1815.


4. Studies have shown that music has a good impact on plant growth. It had been noted that plants grow away from rock and roll music. It is like the plants are trying to run off the sound.


5. Are you aware that there was World Naked Gardening Day? Well, it was on the 2nd of May where experts starting gardeners will have to garden – NAKED! This is to promote body-acceptance.


6. Guerilla Gardening was used as a political protest for those who seek change. They garden on lands where they don’t have legal rights. Whew, what a kind protest isn’t it.


7. The spice comes from the bark, seed, berry, and root while herbs come from the part of the leaf of a plant.


8. Scratch your nails on a bar of soap to keep dirt from getting into your fingernails. After gardening, you can wash the soap away. No dirt left!


9. The pineapple is actually a berry!


10. The morning sun is better for your plants than in the afternoon.


11. If you want to grow sturdier and stronger stems on your new plants, you can try brushing your hands on your seedlings several times in a day. This can make the plant’s growth a little bit slower making them healthier.


Does these facts made you smile with surprise? Or do you have other odd but informative facts about gardening? C’mon, let us hear from you! Share it with us.

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