How to grow a Deck Balcony or Patio Vegetable Garden

If you are one of those people who love the idea of growing a garden but have limited space — then this is the article you have been waiting for.


A Short Intro to Gardening


Space is vital in gardening. There are people out there that are lucky enough with space but how about the others that are not? Are they doomed not to experience the many benefits gardening can give them?


Don’t lose hope! Balcony or patio gardening is the answer to your frustration. It is a gardening method that is now surfing up with persons who has small to almost no space at all. Especially when almost everyone is now living in the city, where apartments and condos are the types of houses.



To begin, let’s take a look at the things to consider in small spaces:


Presentation: Presentation is key to having a beautiful garden, even in small areas. Just make sure to leave some space for you to move around once your plants are settled. You wouldn’t want it to be so tight that you almost can’t see your way in and out. This way, your garden will not look cluttered.


Weight: Weight is crucial, especially if you are planning a container gardening. They can be pretty heavy when placed at your balcony. Make sure to take note on the weight your balcony can take to avoid accidents.


Maximizing Sunlight: Sunlight, as we all know, is very important to our plants. It plays a big role in its overall growth and health. Often times, with balcony gardens, plants tend to suffer from lack of sunlight. Make sure to place your plants on the side where they’ll be able to receive enough light from the sun.


Now, let’s look at the ways on how you can grow a vegetable garden, even at your deck, balcony or patio.


1.The Space Saver – Vertical Planters


This type of planter is a great idea to grow various vegetables and herbs. It only requires you a minimal amount of space as you can choose one side of your balcony to place it. As the word itself, it is made vertically. It tends to lean towards your wall.


You can use natural cedars that can age beautifully in your deck or patio. It allows you to have drip irrigation. Which means watering each tier is lessen. Once you’ve watered the uppermost tier, the water will trickle down to the last tier. It’s a good thing too because it prevents the roots from rotting.


You do this to plants which do not need too many soils – such as parsley, oregano, basil, and lettuce.


2.The Fit For Spuds and Root Veggies – Potato Bags


This one is wonderful yet simple. The potato bags are made from felt-like materials which are flexible and light. They are strong enough to hold the plant and dirt. Don’t worry as the fabric is porous and breathable. So you won’t have a problem with aerating and temperature control. It also allows the excess water to pass through to avoid over-watering.


Just take note that the bags leaks, so you better be ready for some flowing water on your balcony ground. To avoid your neighbor from complaining, place them inside a waterproof vessel and be generous enough to share some of your harvests with them, too.


3.The Pleasing, Accessible, and Effortless – Table Planters


This is an apartment owner dream come true. A well-made table planter where dirt is not known that fits your balcony space.


The good thing about the raised beds is that they are really manageable. You can build them up to your waist height. So you bending for you is less. Make sure to at least create 11 inches deep for the soil. So you will be accessing 8 cubic feet for planting. Zucchini, lettuce, and tomatoes will do well with this.


4.The Grow Different Things at Once – Multi-tiered Pots


Want to maximize your planters? Well, this one shall answer to that. Since you don’t have a big area, you got to be creative. Multi-tiered pots can do the magic for you. It makes saving spaces and fitting into available spaces easier.


This can be on the ground or hang it on a chain. Flow-through irrigation is attained in this planter thus you only need to water your plants once. By the way, it allows your plants to grow vertically.


Cherry, tomatoes, and herbs shall do good in this. You can also switch to flowers, if you get bored growing vegetables.


5.The Recycled – Plastic Wall Planter Pockets


If your patio space is already out of space, using a wall planter pocket made out of recycled plastic is a sure win. With this planter, you do not only got the chance to level up your patio but you also contributed help in the environment.


You can hang plastic wall bag planters anywhere on your wall. You can also hang them on fences or balcony railing (if you have one). This mimics the vertical planters, its just that you are using recycled plastic bags for the plant slot. Arrange the plastic planter on fabric then hang it on the wall of your choice. Just make sure that the wall is a recipient of sunlight.



Hopefully, this list has given you ideas about your dream garden even if you lack in space. Do you have another thing in mind? Share it with us.

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