6 Therapeutic Benefits of a Corporate Garden

Noisy workplace, bad posture for a whole day, and computer screens are just a few of the not so glamorous part of the corporate world. Often times than not, it can decrease our health level if we don’t take care of ourselves. As a remedy, a corporate garden is recommended for this dilemma.


Read on and see the therapeutic benefits of a corporate garden to your employees. May it be a therapy garden, office garden, or a corporate garden – this is for all your health and well-being.


6 Therapeutic Benefits of A Corporate Garden:


Stress Reduction


A corporate garden that can be pruned, plucked, and watered by employees plays a big role in reducing stress. Such activities that are related to gardening are a good distraction or diversion for people under stress.


A professionally designed landscape can induce visual stimulation and reduce stress and anxiety.


Increase Physical Activity


Most of the time, corporate workers spend most of their day leaning towards their desk while working on their computers. This usually results in bad posture, backaches, and sometimes – obesity as there is no other physical activity being done. It is not doing our health a favor.


This is why bike and walk paths are added within a corporate garden to encourage movements. It is one free and accessible way that invites employees to have a more active work lifestyle. It is also one reason to make them stay on site.


Just imagine how better it is walking under the sunshine after lengthy meetings or hours of sitting on your cubicle. Your breaks will be more colorful and enlightening. You are sure to be back re-energized and refreshed with a clear and positive vibe.


Improve Memory


It was found in a study in 2008 at the University of Michigan that length of time spent outside closer to plants can increase memory retention up to 20%. The study has shown that the attention span of an employee is enhanced as well as their concentration. As another result, overall productivity is increased.


Safe Traffic Flow


Driving to work in autopilot or driving in your car feeling completely drained after a whole day work is not a good condition to be behind the wheel. In this problem, corporate gardens are very helpful.


Professionally designed corporate gardens can increase your employee’s awareness of oncoming traffic lanes and walkways. This can lessen accident risk due to unorganized mind. It can also add pride for employees –  as pleasing landscapes and flower beds are associated with higher life quality.


Encouraged On-site Team Building


Typically, team buildings are often made outside the business establishment and It can cost money. With corporate garden landscapes, team buildings on-site is now available. It can lessen the money that will be used for off-site retreats and can build a better connection with your property.


You can try making raised beds to grow vegetables for the less needy as your team building activity just within your own area.


Enhanced Social Interaction


According to some research, spending time around plants has a positive impact on our relationship with others. Whether at home or in the office. The more time you spent with plants – caring for them, nurturing them, or observing them – the more likely you can become an empath and reach out to your family and co-workers.


The therapeutic benefits of a corporate garden can do good for both ends – to your company and to your employees as well. Once your employees are in good health condition, increased productivity for your company is a surefire.


Hopefully, this has emphasized the benefits of a corporate garden to you and your people. If you do not have a garden yet in your office area, maybe this is the time to build one.


Do you have any other ideas on mind? Come and share with us!

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