Tips On How To Use Waste Materials To Beautify Your Garden

Often times, there are waste materials that are hard for us to throw away. So we think of alternatives ways on how to reuse it again. Thus resulting in the re-purposing of your waste materials such as shoes, plastic bottles, and tires that can help beautify your garden. You can use some as planters and the others are for decoration.


Find out how to do it in this article.


  1. Planting in Recycled Items


One of the best ways to re-purpose your waste is to use it in planting. Here are some ideas you may consider:


Boots Em Up!


If your boots or shoes are worn out but the body is still intact, don’t just throw them away. You can use these boots as planters for your flowers.


HOW: Use a screwdriver to drill drain holes on the bottom. You can also hang them up if you have a fence in your garden. Paint them if you desired.


Car Tire Planter


Often times, we still have the old tire after a replacement. Don’t let them just sit around the corner and do nothing!


HOW: Coat them with a non-toxic paint with the color of your choice. The lighter color is recommended as they won’t get hot under the sun. Make sure to place them on a permanent place before planting as it will be heavy to move around.


Glass Hanging Planters


This will be a little harder but it’s worth it. Here are the steps:


You’ll need a glass cutter to divide your glass bottles in half. Attach a rope, string, or wire from the top of the bottle to the end of its body. After that, you can start planting then hang them up on a tree branch or on your patio.


  1. Add Some Accents


Bottle Border


Remember when you cut your glass bottles? You still have the bottom part unused, right? Well, now you can use these bottle borders. Push down the bottle firmly into the soil with the bottom of it upward. Arrange them in same sizes or different sizes in a row to create an artsy look.


Mosaic Steps


Do you have broken ceramic plates or broken glass pieces? Stop putting them in the trash. Use them to create a mosaic stepping stone in your garden.


HOW: It can add up to the aesthetic of your garden’s surface. You can also arrange the shards on a bottom mold then fill it with concrete. Wait until it fully dries. Place and arrange them in your garden.


Broken Pot Planters


Having a broken flower pot can still happen even if we try to be careful. So instead of handling them to the trash bin. You can use them as plant markers especially if you have newly planted seeds.


HOW: Write on them the plant’s name and if you want to raise them higher – attach them into a sturdy stake before sticking them into the ground. Nevertheless, buying organic markers are definitely easier.



These are just a few of the things you can do to decorate your garden with waste materials. Easy and inexpensive. You were already able to enhance the look of your garden and you lessen our earth’s trash.


Be creative!
Have a happy decoration!

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