6 Fatal Weed Killers from your Kitchen

Weeds are nasty plants no gardener wants to see in their garden, thus the need to use weed killers. However,  chemical weed killers from the market can be expensive and harmful to your main plants. So why continue using these, if you can create your own weed killers at home.


Read on to learn more.


Boiling Water


You may say, really? Well, yes! Boiling water may seem unbelievable but it can help you kill those pesky weeds in your garden. It is extremely effective weed assassin and an easy-peasy to do. Just boil some tap water in a kettle. Make sure that it reaches the highest boiling point before pouring it to the weeds to kill.


Just keep in mind that boiling water is not selective. It can kill and cook any plant in the ground it can come in contact with. This includes the roots underground. So make sure to be careful in pouring it in the correct target.




Salt is known to be a war tactic against enemies. To put salt in the earth also serves as punishment for grave crimes in various countries in our history. Salt makes the ground unsuitable for growing plants. It instantly kills them. For the weeds in your garden, you drop a pinch of salt at the base of the unwanted weeds. Don’t worry as in the next rainfall, it will dilute the dead plant into a harmless one.




Vinegar – cheap, organic, and effective weed killer! Yes, that’s right. Whatever type of vinegar is sure to put those weeds to end. The acetic acid content of the vinegar effectively kills the plant but not the roots. It works best with young plants. If you are to kill established weeds, you have to apply vinegar several times to kill the plant’s energy to its death.


Rubbing Alcohol


Don’t just leave it for your bruises and itchiness. You can use it also as your weeds assassin. Yeah right! Alcohol can help suck the blood out of the weeds then eventually it will die. But keep in mind that rubbing alcohol is like boiling water. It is non-selective. It can kill any other plant that will come in contact with it.




Your clothes and house dirt remover can also remove unwanted weeds in your garden. Get a spray bottle and place some bleach on it. Spray it on your weed targets. Its chemical will dissipate in about one to two days. After that, the place will be again safe for planting. Bleach is also non-selective but if it got on the other plant aside from the weeds – just wash them off immediately.




If you are not into chemical use – smother those weeds with newspaper. Lay down at least 4 sheets thick or more of a newspaper above the weeds. It will die from lack of sunlight and won’t be able to sprout.



You can combine these killers for greater results. Hopefully, these had given you an alternative for annihilating those pesky weeds that can damage your garden.


Go on and cleanse your garden from those weeds!

Happy gardening!

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