5 Reasons Why Corporate Garden is a Thing!

Continuous tapping on computer keyboards, shoes going to and fro, and the smell of coffee that lingers in the air. This is an everyday scenario in the office. But as the green campaign throughout the world grows, the addition of green life in the corporate world also grows.


Corporated garden is now a growing trend. Whether its a large or small corporation, they are in with the new growing trend. Here’s why.


  1. It enhances your corporate image


Competition in visual is fierce across all industry in today’s global economy. The corporate’s values became a great differentiation to each other. A corporate garden is used to make a statement.  It helps the corporate stand-out int their customer’s mind.


  1. It improves the employee’s health and performance


Garden per se is beneficial to the body, mind, and soul. Its impact on the employees does not just reduce stress, it helps improve their brain function resulting in higher performance. It’s a great excuse to stand up from your cubicle, move around, and reduce the harmful effect of sitting all day. Imagine, when stress is less, there will be more production from the employees.


  1. Free lunch! Yey!


Yes, healthy free lunch it is! Surely you will get tired of eating the same ready-made food you can buy down the streets. Just imagine if you can easily pick up lettuce, tomatoes, and other vegetables in your corporate garden for lunch. Isn’t that refreshing?


  1. It attracts new hires


Gardening at work? Sounds cool eh! It’ll be a unique description to see in a job hiring advertisement. A corporate with a gardening program may find it useful to easily attract new employees to join them.


  1. It helps strengthen team bond


A corporate garden can encourage relaxation, social interaction, and a fun environment. This can help employees from different departments and heads to have a bond with each other. In that way, a stronger team relationship is built.



See, the benefits from a corporate garden is what makes it a popular trend in the business world. It elevates the quality of working life. It’s like bringing the corporate world closer to earth. Hopefully, these had convinced you about the gains your company can get from incorporating gardens in your office. Go green and make your work area livelier

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