6 of the Best Botanical Garden in the U.S You Can Visit this Summer

Summer has arrived. It’s time to go out and see places beautiful places, including gardens. There may be some nuisance during this time such as the heat that comes with it, there are places you can go to. Beat the heat by visiting one of these featured botanical garden in the state.


Brooklyn Botanical Garden


This garden is adjacent to Brooklyn’s prospect park and was founded in 1910. It is open all year-round. Brooklyn’s botanic garden boasts a captivating indoor tropical garden that is useful in winter. It also features more than 10,000 kinds of plants from different parts of the world. One of the best time to visit this garden is during spring when its time to bloom for the cherry blossoms.


Longwood Gardens


A garden with stunning fountains filled with an orangery and perfectly symmetrically cut hedges will leave you in awe in Longwood garden in Pennsylvania. This garden was founded by Pierre du Pont, an industrialist. Longwood garden boasts an indoor garden with a size of four-and-a-half acres. Make sure to notice the 10,010 pipe organ and waterlily display. And to add more, during summer, there’s a spectacular fountain and fireworks display each weekend.


United States Botanical Garden


Congress established this botanic garden in 1820 on the National Mall. It is one of the oldest gardens in the country. It has a 65,000 collection of strong plants. You’ll find its indoor gardens that are focused on jungle and desert climates in its conservatory.


Missouri Botanical Garden


79-acre Missouri botanical garden in St. Louis boasts to have the world’s largest collections of rare orchids and a 14-acre Japanese garden. This greenhouse that has no columns floor to ceiling and its center rises to 70ft high has opened in the 1960s. Its tropical rainforest theme has more than 2,800 plants with a river aquarium and exotic fishes on it. But the most compelling thing from this garden is the Climatron. Its the first geodesic dome that is used as a conservatory.


Atlanta Botanical Garden


Atlanta’s botanical garden is an urban oasis situated at the heart of Midtown. This garden is made up of 30-acres of edible plants, an award-winning children’s garden, and a tropical conservatory. Its purpose is to educate, inspire, and acts as a breathing place for everyone. Make sure to not miss its annual outdoor exhibits with the internationally renowned artist that will showcase their work in it.


Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden


In Texas, everything seems bigger. So their garden is sure to offer you a lot. From its seventeen specialty garden with 66-are space to their holiday-themed events you have will surely have fun. At their fall festival, be impressed as the garden use 150,000 fall-blooming plants and a pumpkin village made out of 90,000 pumpkins.



These are just a few of the great botanical garden out there. They are sure to worth your while. Visit one of them or even all of them and tell us what you think! Enjoy your summer!


Source: https://www.curbed.com/2017/6/9/15764274/botanical-gardens-best-united-states

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