Change the Way you Garden with these Garden Hacks | Part I

Everyone loves tips and hacks,  especially with hacks that are inexpensive but effective and fun. Come on and see some of these garden hacks we have listed just for you.


  1. Prevent diseases with cinnamon powder


Is this something new to you? Yes! You’ve read it right. You can use cinnamon powder on your seedlings to prevent them from catching diseases. It has anti-fungal compounds that help protect your seedlings. Plus, they will smell good. Isn’t that fragrant solution.


  1. Coffee grounds can keep pests away


After brewing your coffee, don’t just let the trash bin take the coffee grounds! Use them to help your plants safe from pests. Pests like slugs, ants, and snail don’t like coffee grounds. Make it your plant guards from plant pests. That is one great way to save money right.


  1. Another plant protector – Eggshells!


Another way to protect your plants from pests is by using eggshells! Keep your eggshells after cooking your omelets. Use the eggshells as a protective barrier against the soft-bodied pests that want to eat your plant. Those pests won’t take a risk crawling to jagged eggshells.


  1. Add coffee filters in your flower pots


When you are re-potting your plants, spare some coffee filters to help the soil kept intact. Coffee filters can prevent the soil from blocking the drain holes and sneaking out.


  1. Broken pot as a plant marker


Be honest, when there’s a broken pot, you just intend to put it in the trash right? Well, now, there’s another purpose for it instead of heading to the trash. Use the broken pot pieces as your plant marker. You can even paint them to add some life to it. Just be careful not to hurt yourself.


  1. Hanging pallet as garden tools storage


Pallets can also serve as your garden tools storage. Yes! Hang a pallet onto your wall and drill some hooks into it to hold the garden tools. Pallets are easy to find. Often times, these are given for free in furniture stores, construction sites, and hardware stores. Just imagine the rustic vibe it will add into your garden’s decor.


  1. Cultivate cuttings with honey


Honey is a great remedy for sore throats and headaches but it can also be used to cultivate cuttings in your plants. The enzyme compound of honey helps promote the root growth in your plants. Use it as a rooting hormone and saves your plants from fungal problems.


  1. Disposable diapers are not just for babies!


You’re not expecting this one ain’t you? Well, diapers can enhance the moisture-retaining ability of your plant’s soil. Place the diaper with the absorbing core facing upward. Set your soil above the diaper. This will help retain moisture longer than before. This hack is useful for shallow pots and hanging baskets. It is very helpful during the hotter seasons, especially if you live in warm places.


  1. Fertilize your plants with cooking water


This hack is like the use of coffee grounds and eggshells. The ideal cooking water is the leftover when you boil eggs and vegetables. Instead of pouring it into the drain, let it cool down before pouring it down to your plants. It will help fertilize your plants.


  1. Newspaper for weeds


Do you read the newspaper in the morning? Well, if you do, you probably have a pile of newspaper in your house. Now, use those to smother or suffocate the growing weeds in your garden. Before mulching, place some layers of newspaper on your planting beds. This will suffocate any growing weeds in it and eventually die. Don’t worry as newspapers are biodegradable!


  1. Need more space? Use a ladder plant stand!


Is your garden getting crowded and you lack space but wants more? A ladder plant stand is your answer! Use an old ladder or you can create one to serve as a stand for your plants. This is very useful for lightweight plants. It’s a great space saver.


These are just the first part of our garden hacks that can change the way you garden. Hopefully, we’ve surprised and wowed you a little with these amazing hacks. Make sure to watch out for part 2.


Add these hacks on your list and make your gardening even better!

Happy garden hacking!

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