Change the Way you Garden with these Garden Hacks | Part II

On part 1 of these amazing garden hacks, we’ve given you a way to hack your garden as you’ve never had before. Now let us add some more to that list! Are you ready? Come on, let’s have some fun hacking your garden.


  1. Check the ph level of your soil with kitchen solutions


Vinegar and baking soda are known to be great cleaning remedy but you can also use them to check your soil’s ph level. It can tell you whether the soil is acidic or alkaline. Add some baking soda to the soil – if the soil bubbles, it is acidic. Pour some vinegar into the soil and if it bubbles – it is alkaline.


  1. Deadheading, pinching, and pruning


Do you want to have bushier growth on your plants? Try pinching the tips of the young plants. Deadheading the spent flowers from your plants helps promote more blossom. Remove the tops shoots and emerging flowers on the herbs. This can help them have a healthier growth and prevent them from bolting. Pruning your plants is important as it helps your plants rejuvenate growth.


  1. Add some Epsom salt


When its time to transfer your plants, dig a hole then add a tablespoon of Epsom salt in it before topping it with a thin layer of dirt. You can now transfer your plants into that hole and finish your business. It will help your plants prevent transplant shock.


  1. A DIY self-sharpening garden tools holder


Here’s a cheaper sharpening garden tool holder for you. From a terracotta pot, put some abrasive sand and mineral oil. As you thrust your tools in it, it will not only hold them – the mineral oil and will clean and sharpen them at the same time. Easy and inexpensive!


  1. Spare some hydrogen peroxide for your plants too.


Hydrogen peroxide helps us with our wounds but it can also help our plants. By using at least 3% of hydrogen peroxide solution per day – you are saving your plant’s roots from rotting and fungal diseases. It also promotes sprouting of seeds on new plantings. Also, spritz some of it on the seeds every re-moistening. You can also improve your plant’s root system with a mixture of 32 parts of water with 1 part of hydrogen peroxide.


  1. Vinegar – a weed killer!


Use vinegar not just for testing your soil’s ph level. Use it also for assassinating pesky weeds. Yes! Vinegar is a killer! (well, for weeds and tough stains too okay). Pour it into your target and see them die away.


  1. Herbs deter mosquitoes!


Gardeners know that there are certain herbs and plants that act as a mosquito repellent. What if you group them all together? Can you imagine how strong the effect would be? Make a mosquito repellent by grouping the following plants into one planter:


Keep flies and mosquitoes away with these plants!

  • Citronella geranium
  • Marigold
  • Lemongrass
  • Catnip
  • Ageratum Artist purple
  • Lemon thyme


  1. Let the paper towel take care of your plants


You might ask, how is that possible? Well, to be honest, it’s simple and clever. Roll up some paper towels. Make sure it’s tight as possible without breaking. The length must be able to cover all your plants. Sunk the end of it in a large glass or vase full of water. Then lay the half part to the end of the paper towel across your plant’s soils. The water will pass through the paper towel, moistening and watering your plants.


  1. Start seeds in a citrus fruit’s peel


Yes! You can use a citrus fruit’s peel to start your seeds. Poke some holes in the peel’s bottom for drains. The fill it with some soil just enough to cover your seedlings. Once your plants are ready for transplanting – you can directly sow it (with the peel) into its new place. As the peel decomposes, it acts as nourishment to your plant. Isn’t that like a double hit? An easy start and fertilizer in one.


  1. DIY watering can


No watering can? No need to buy one! An old milk jug can do the trick. Make sure to clean up the jugs first. Then poke holes in its caps so the water can easily flow through it. Ta-da! You now have your watering jug!


  1. Self-watering with a wine bottle planter


With this one, you’ll need terracotta stakes and used wine bottles. Clean the wine bottles first. Then fill it with water before inserting the stake on its head to the neck. Then stuck it on the soil upside down. As the water pours down from the wine bottles, the stake absorbs the water – slowly distributing the water to the depths of the soil. This help the roots kept moist.



Well, what can you say with these incredible hacks? Aren’t they amazing? Try on these hacks and put your gardening on a different level. Do you know any other clever hacks? Come on and share with us!


Hopefully, we’ve made your gardening day a little better with these hacks!

Happy gardening! Keep it green!

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