Different Types of Gardens (Part 1 of 2)

Gardening has always been an art, essentially.


This is true in almost all its form, even if there are more than a dozen gardens for you to choose from. Are you interested to know more about these different garden types?


Read on.


Vegetable Gardens


This is relatively common these days, especially with the increased awareness in organic farming. Thus, more and more people are interested to plant their own veggies.


Try it on your own and see how more delicious your favorite vegetable salads will be.


Flower Gardens


Among the different types of garden around the globe, flower gardens must be the most popular among it all. Why not? The beauty and elegance of flower gardens are enough to captivate anyone’s hearts.


What kind of flower gardens are there in the world?


Here are some of them?


a. Rose Gardens

b. Tulip Gardens

c. Orchid Gardens


With the variety of roses, tulips, and orchids, it is quite easy to get confused with these all. Thus, it is best to use organic plant markers that will tell you and your visitors about the species of these beautiful flowers.


Herb Garden


This doesn’t need much space as you can easily plant these herbs in pots. This makes it an ideal type of garden for those who have limited space.


Consider having a vertical garden so you can enjoy the many benefits of these herbs all year round. Plus, these plants are quite easy to cultivate. Just remember to label them accordingly while including the specific healing properties it delivers.


Indoor Gardens


As earlier mentioned, space is now a common problem among garden lovers. But limited space is not enough to stop a garden lover for them to have their little space at home for these plants.


During colder seasons, indoor gardens are also a must as it adds color to the gloomy winter season. However, you need to choose wisely so as to know the right plants to grow during extreme weather conditions.


Community Gardens


This is a new addition to the list of gardens around the world. It is also gaining popularity in North America.


To create one, the neighborhood is encouraged to contribute to taking care of these gardens as it provides the community with fresh produce.


Of course, there are certain rules to follow to keep the community gardens well kept. Do you want to start your own community garden?


Read this article. https://mcgbiomarkers.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/9-steps-to-creating-a-community-garden/


Tropical Gardens


This is something left for the experts to handle, especially if you are attempting to create on in a not so tropical country.




The plants in tropical gardens require a rich amount of water and sunlight to survive. Thus, having one in a non-tropical country would mean investing in a good irrigation system and a temperature-controlled environment.


Botanical Gardens


This requires huge space and is often maintained by states and non-profit organizations. Its main purpose is to cultivate as many species of plants for people to admire.


Click here to see the most popular botanical gardens in the US.



Succulent Gardens


You may need a huge space for these or just a small area. This all depends on the type of succulent you intend to grow as some succulents can grow really big!


Watch this video to be inspired: https://youtu.be/PgMKaw-Q97Y


Zen Garden


You don’t need to be Japanese just to create a Zen Garden. Nevertheless, this is a must for anyone who is prone to stress.




It is a great solution for reducing stress, improving focus, and developing an individual’s well being.


What do you need to create one?


All you need are the following:


Some raked sand




The most important feature to consider is a focal point that will serve you in your meditation.


There are more gardens to inspire you. Keep on following this blog to know more about them. Cheers!


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