Different Types of Garden Part 2 of 2

Let us continue with our discussion on the different types of garden you may consider adding to your home, office or your community. This includes:


Therapeutic Gardens


This has gained popularity over the years, especially with the increasing ailments felt by people in various ages, including the elderly. Some of these include:


  • Dementia Gardens
  • Gardens for Children with Autism
  • Sensory Gardens for children with special needs
  • Healing gardens (often found in hospitals)


This are now being promoted in various areas, especially hospitals, in the US as it has been proven to deliver the following benefits:


  • psychological comfort
  • decreased stress and anxiety
  • increased focus and productivity
  • reduced level of pain resulting to decreased pain medication
  • improved air quality resulting to lesser respiratory problems


Patio Gardens


This is a relaxing addition to any home. You can either surround it with gardens or just allocate a portion of it by using deckers or even tires painted with bright colors.


Bamboo Gardens


Bamboos are easy to maintain, especially if you live in a sunny environment. You can directly plant it or buy it in containers and strategically place indoors or anywhere outside your house or office.


Fairy Gardens


This is a must if you wish to engage your kids into gardening but you have very limited space in your home. All you’ll need is a huge pot where you can create a mini-garden you and your children can tend to all year long.


Place one inside their room so they will be responsible in taking good care of it.


NOTE: You’ll need potting soil and fertilizers to ensure your plants will have enough nutrients. Also, choose plants that will easily grow in limited spaces, such as bonsai trees for easy planting.


With these varieties of gardens to choose from, you’ll definitely find one that will suit your interest. Label your plants accordingly. Buy organic plant labels, today.



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