The Importance of Plant Labels in Your Garden

Have you ever walked in a garden and have admired beautiful flowers but don’t know what they are only because there are no plant labels informing you about their name?


Have you ever been in a nursery and stumbled upon a plant that has been labeled “mystery plant” only because the gardeners can’t identify the plant due to mislabeling?


Have you ever found yourself confused because you wanted to replant some of your plants in pots, but the leaves just all look the same it is too difficult to identify which flower blooms are red, white or yellow?


These are just some of the many reasons why you shouldn’t take plant labels for granted. There is a good reason why organized planters invest in these items, and here are more reasons why you should also do the same.


Forgetfulness is not a habit, it’s a trend


Yes! Some gardeners have a tendency to be forgetful. Who wouldn’t be. After getting some seeds or plants, you get so excited you hurriedly plant it in pots.


However, you fail to label it. Thus, when the time comes for it to bloom you get all surprised at the flowers these bulbs are showing up. Thus, you end up having nameless bulbs scattered i your garden.


It would be great if your mix and match habit will result to a colorful garden, but what if some of your plants overtake the nutrients needed for the other varieties? You will then end up losing some of these plants. Otherwise, it will simply disrupt the harmony in the garden you are creating.


Thus, a diligent gardener who has learned his lesson will most definitely label their plants. Just like Kit.


How to choose the right plant labels for your garden?


You may, as you wish, create your own plant labels. But there are risks when doing this, one of which is realizing that the labels on these plant markers have been erased. Thus, it is best to buy organic plant labels with weatherproof labels. This ensures your labels will withstand various weather changes.


Are you interested to buy some? Click here.


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