Five Reasons Why Plant Labels Are Important

Ever encounter a garden and got lost in its plants? Well, it probably has left you silent and in awe, while staring at the greenery. Truth is, not everyone is familiar with the characteristics of different plants. It can leave them speechless and just appreciate the plant’s beauty in silence without knowing much about these plants.


At times, even the gardener itself can forget and get lost in their plants, especially when their leaves look the same. That’s why plant labels are an important accessory for any gardener, whether in the plant museum,  home garden, community garden.


Do you want to know more reasons why you should add these to your plants? Read on.


It identifies the plant


Labels can carry the name, needs, and purpose of the plant. It helps the gardener to know and remember how to properly take care of each plant. Different plants have different needs. While for other people, it can help them to get familiarize with the plants. It makes them educated about the plants.


MCG Biomarkers come with weatherproof and waterproof plant labels. You can either handwritten or laser print the descriptions. The labels are easy to remove when it starts to wear out since its pressure-sensitive. Don’t worry as they can remain intact and readable even during heavy rain. You can easily remove the old label and apply a new one without any residue.


It acts as a placeholder


When there’s a plant label on each plant, gardeners won’t disturb a settled plant accidentally. They’ll be able to avoid planting a new one to the space of another plant. This will also help the gardener to remember the right spacing for each plant.


Biomarkers of MCG are made of strong recycled plastic with corn cob fiber in it. Which make it steady in its place. No need to worry about the strong wind blowing off your plant labels. The markers come in 3 sizes that can surely accommodate your specific marking needs.



It helps in plant grouping


Through plant labels, gardeners can easily group the plants accordingly. It’ll help them keep the garden neat and organized.


MCG biomarkers do not only come in 3 different sizes but it also comes in different colors that can make organizing your garden even better.


It makes growth monitoring easy


Marking the date when the plant has started can help the gardener easily track its growth. They can check which plant did bloom or not.


With MCG biomarkers’ spacious marking area, including the name and the date a plant had started isn’t a problem. You can even add the plant’s scientific name on it and it’ll remain readable.


It adds design in the garden


Plant labels do not only make your garden organized, but it also adds an educational design to it.


You don’t need to worry about keeping your garden visually appealing with the MCG Biomarkers. These organic biomarkers are eco-friendly and have vibrant colors that add-up to your garden’s design. It also has a tough design that can last longer than the others.


Go buy one for your garden today.

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