15 Summer Flowers to Add Beauty to your Garden

“The earth laughs in flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Are you looking for a new flower to add in your garden family this summer?

Take on this flower list and make your garden blossom with beauty, fragrant, and vibrant color.



Lily of the Nile


Agapanthus praecox or also known as the African lily or blue lily. It can develop well in warm climate areas. Especially if placed in a pot. If you placed it in a hanging basket or container,  make sure to always check for dryness and keep it in shade. Lily of the Nile is a partial shade flower. This is a great addition of color to your garden for summer.


Sulfur cosmos


A full-sun annual flower that comes in different lively hues of yellow, scarlet, and orange. Its stalk grows about 1 to 4 feet. No need to worry about working it out the following year as it’s seeds are easy to grow even at a poor soil. By the way, it also self sow. Taking care of it is easy.




Do you want to add more touch of colors into your summer garden? Adding lantana in your garden offers you a colorful addition of orange, purple, red, white, lilac, pink, and bi-colors flower. It can grow up to 6 feet high. Just remember to keep away from its berries as they are toxic.




Is your garden scattered with greens only? Then add petunias flowers to blast it with any range of soft colors. For continuous blooming, make sure to deadhead. Take note that in areas with frequent rains or high humidity, it’ll have a hard time growing.




Coneflowers are gorgeous and easy to take care of. Add this and your garden will surely be crowded by birds in no time. It’ll provide your garden space with strong shades of pink. Perfect for pink lovers.



Marigolds bloom in lively yellow and orange color but are you aware that they give off maroon and cream color? Yes, they can! Isn’t that amazing and refreshing for your garden? Marigolds are sun lover so they are best suited for summer.




Oh, don’t you ever forget this award-winning flower. Count them in and your garden will surely be flooded by this in no time. Sunflowers can produce more than 1,000 flowers in just a single season. So fast right?




These lovely flowers portray innocence but a little hard to work if not controlled. Some of them can become weeds. With daisies around, expect the bees to be in your garden too. They love it.



Irises are show-off flowers with rainbow colors. Its name is taken from the Greek goddess of rainbow Iris. Spread them across your garden and expect the rainbow in it.




Another great flower for pink color lovers. This showy fluffy perennial flower can rise up to 2 feet high. Just make sure not to let them alone under the sun as they are shade lovers.


Mexican sunflowers


Unlike the other type of sunflowers, Mexican sunflowers grow like shrubs that can rise up to 8 feet high. Make sure to deadhead regularly to ensure continuous bloom.


Moss Rose


Moss rose also known as portulaca are tiny delicate perennials that love the full sun. They can grow from 4 to 8 inches up and easy to take care of. Choices of pink, orange, red, magenta, yellow, and salmon are the hues it offers.


Gazania hybrid


If you’re looking for a strong yet lovely flower to add in your garden in the summer, try gazania hybrid flowers. It’s a fast-growing flower that carries a large daisy-like flower with a variety of colors. A strong color of bronze, pink, yellow, red, and orange can be expected from them. It can grow from 6 to 15 inches tall. Don’t worry about the summer heat because they are tough for it.


Wheat Celosia


This feather looking flower is great for a flower arrangement. If you want a tall colorful-looking flower, this one is for you. It can grow up to 4 feet tall. It comes in pink, purple, and red color. Try planting them on your garden sides. See them grow like a beautiful barricade around your garden.


Canna Lilies


Do you want your garden to have a tropical vibe? Canna lilies can give it to you. These flowers bloom with lush leaves and colors. Plant them in spring to let them establish better. You shall expect their beauty bloom in summer.




Have you chosen your new garden member yet? Hopefully, this has helped you with what flower to add in your garden this summer. Choose two or three of them to boost your garden at this time of the season. Make sure to use organic plant markers to label your new plants.

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