12 Unfamiliar Yet Unique Houseplants You Didn’t Know Exist!

Nature is full of mystery. There are a lot of strange things that you can find. You just need to pause and look for a moment. Let us fascinate you with these unfamiliar, yet unique houseplants that you probably didn’t know existed.


Dolphin Succulents


Yes! These plants look like dancing dolphins. It sounds unbelievable but seeing it upfront will convince you that it does look like dolphins. Just see it for yourself.


Hoya Hearts


This is not called a sweetheart plant for nothing. Because it looks truly like a heart. It is one of the most romantic plants to give to our loved one. No wonder it is very popular during Valentine’s Day!


Rose Succulents


Most of us are very familiar with the famous rose flower but did you know that succulents have a rose version too?


Well, yes! They do. Rose succulents or Greenovia does really look like a rose flower. With different shades of pink and green varieties. One advantage of this plant is that it’s easier to be kept alive than the rose flower. Just keep watering it when the soil is dry to ensure it lives on for a very long time.


Rex Begonia


Do you also get that enigmatic feeling from Tim Burton? Well, the theatrical spiral pattern and color of this plant will surely give you the same feeling.


But don’t worry. Even if this plant looks a bit eerie, it is very easy to take care of. Just keep these plants watered and misted often and it will not give you any headaches.


Rabbit succulent


Well, there’s a Dolphin already, right? Now, welcome the rabbit succulent! I know what you’re thinking and let me say, yep, you’re right. It does look like a rabbit! But small and green. This plant that has tiny looking bunnies are also known as Monilaria Obonica. The part of the leaves that looks like rabbit ears will grow longer while the base stays the same. A real charmer and a cutie.


Coral cactus


When you hear the word cactus, you’re thinking of the green thorny plant. But spare this one! Coral cactus can surely surprise you with its stunning coral reef shape and color. It really defies the norm. It’s also known as Euphoria Lactea.


Lifesaver plant


If you’re asking for something strange, this flower can hook you up for real. Its technical name is Huerenia Zebrina. It has gotten its nickname because of its lifesaver-shape center. You’ll find it in a vibrant combination of yellow and brown colors that looks like a tiger skin.


Bat flower


Bat flower is a perfect match for black color lovers. Its striking all-black appearance makes it unique from the rest. You can grow it both outdoor and indoor. Scientifically known as Tacca Chantieri. Well, who said a flower can’t be black now?


Zig-zag cactus


Here’s another cactus that explicitly defy the norms of the norms. As its name says, it has a zig-zag shape appearance. It is technically known as Selenicereus Anthonyanus, a playful and low maintenance type of cactus that produces a colorful pink shaded flower once it blooms.


Lipstick Echeveria


Now, this succulent will surely be admired by red color plant lovers. Its leaves shout a vibrant red color with a little touch of green in the center. This makes it easily stand-out in any garden.


Nerve plant


Scientifically known as Fittonia, this was named nerve plant due to its visible leaf veins that pop in bright red color. With its unique vibrant leaf color, it can make the corners of your home livelier than before.


Living stones


Yes, you’re right. This plant looks like a stone but hey don’t get fooled by their look. It might look like a rock but it’s a flowering plant. Also known as Lithops or pebble plants. It mimics a rock stone’s look, even the color.




Aren’t these plants fascinating enough to be one of your houseplants or even your garden? Hey, we’ve become true to our words, right? They’re wonderful species. C’mon and tell us what you think!

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