Positive Effects of Gardening to Kids

Gardening can be a significant tool for parents who want to encourage their kids to eat healthier. Just don’t let yourself get overwhelmed about the idea. Also, no need to worry about not having much of the outdoor space. You can start from container gardening of a few edibles. If you’re fortunate with a piece of land, then make sure to exhaust it for your best interest.


Here’s how gardening can have a positive effect on your kids.




A study has shown that kids who engage in gardening projects achieve a higher score in science.


How is this possible?


Your child will be amazed by so many wonderful things in your garden. This can light up questions in their minds. Some of these may be:


How does a plant grow from a tiny seed?

Why do they need the sun?

How does a plant drink and eat?


This triggers their brains to work. Thus, making them smarter.


Before you know it, you will be having discussions with them about:



Soil composition

Plant tissues



You can add a little math to your gardening conversation by counting how many new leaves have sprouted from one plant; or you can measure each plant’s growth. To further feed their curiosity, you may also want to buy them plant books or bring them to different garden museums or have them create a journal about the plant you’re tending.


That’s a great way of nurturing their minds, right? Do you want to learn more kid-friendly gardening tips? Click here.




Getting your kids’ hands dirty has health benefits. This may sound rather strange, especially to this era where keeping kids clean all the time has been the norm. But studies show that getting your kids dirty while gardening may help in boosting their immune system.


“…M. vaccae is a common, non-pathogenic soil bacterium that we typically ingest as we breathe when we’re outside in nature. Researchers have found that when cancer patients are exposed to M. vaccae, they report improved mood, energy and vitality.” – SOURCE: MNN


Take it this way, let your child’s immune system meet bacteria and germs. That way, it’ll be familiar with them and will know how to defend against it. So, getting dirty in the garden will make your kids stronger and healthier!


Gardening can also be a light physical activity for them as they will sweat and bask under the sun. It’ll make them more fit as well. Just make sure to give them activities within their range of strength.


Click here to read other health benefits that come with gardening.




In this age where the use of electronic gadgets is acute – it’s hard to teach them the real meaning of connection. More and more kids are seen to be nudging into their phones than the other kids. This tends to lead to decreased values and family connection time.


Spending time in the garden with your kids allows you to be more connected with each other. Take it as a new family hobby. You can both learn gardening at the same time. With gardening, you can show your kids a deeper understanding and respect for the earth.


Moreover, kids who are engaged in gardening have better moods, reduced anxiety, and finer learning experiences. The paramount of it all – your kids’ self-esteem is improved. Imagine the feeling they get once they’re eating the vegetable, they’ve grown themselves. It surely is priceless!



Are you now ready to take gardening at the new level with your kids? Follow our blog for more gardening tips and updates.

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