Garden Shout Out: Add Plant Markers to Your Plants

For most gardens, plant markers serve one purpose, and that is to identify the plant. However, did you know that they can be so much more than that? Here are fun ways you can use your plant markers that you might not know yet.


Let it be a conversation starter


Plant markers can make your garden more interesting. Add fun trivia or facts about the plant it identifies. You never can tell, but this can give a different round of topics for you and your friends.


What kind of trivia and facts should you consider?


Try something funny to start breaking the ice with new acquaintances.


Make it your friendly reminder


Our mind’s memory is not the same as computers. It can experience lapses and mishaps. If ever you forget how much water a specific plant needs – let your plant marker labels work for you. Write down necessary information about each plant on their plant markers. This way, you can put your forgetfulness aside and take care of your plants properly.


This is also for your other house mates. You never know when you will need their help. Letting everyone know how to take care of these plants will ensure it will survive. So, what are you waiting for? Start adding one to your home.


What is the perfect plant marker for your garden?


To ensure that you are getting the most out of your garden labels – choose MCG BioMarkers®. They are unique, choose from those made with BioComposites material, are very sturdy and come in three sizes and four colors. You can also have them made with Biodegradable (plant based organic) and come in the standard 9” size and natural color. With these types of plant markers, you will never need to worry about fading as they’re UV stable. If you use our weatherproof printing labels, they last for many seasons, especially if you coat them with the protective spray we offer. If you want a more permanent label, let us do the printing for you by having them engraved and they will last for a very long time!


Order online, today.

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