Plant Label Tips for Your Garden

One of the challenges that face most gardeners is classifying the plants of their garden. Who wouldn’t be? You can have a green thumb but thinking of ways to identifying all the plants is another.


Let’s make it simpler for you with plant labeling and classifying tips:


Know their common names


Start with what you know best: their common names. Yes! People who visit your garden will be somewhat like you, so they will want to know the “common names” of these plants.


Ask the help of Google


Now that you have the common names of your plants, go and ask the friendly help of google. You’ll be surprised with how much information search engines will give you just by typing the names of your plants. Now, you can call them by their proper names and make your plant labels appear more scientific.


Ask for help from the various flower/plant Societies.


There are many Societies like the American Hosta Society, American Hemerocallis Society, American Horticulture society, American Public Gardens Society, Master Gardeners to name a few.


List relevant information


Now that you have the relevant information, you can now begin the process of labeling. Something you may want to consider is label not only the front face plate, but also the back side, what we call “double labeling.” So, if the label fades over time or is damaged on the front, you still have the printed label on the back side. Just another safety feature!

You may also want to develop a map of your garden, especially if you have large variety of plants.


We have a variety of plant markers for you to choose from to fit each type of setting you desire. Some gardeners like to use different colors and sizes to organize zones or categories. You can select ink jet or laser printing labels and for those needing a permanent label, consider using our engraving services. It’s a little more money, but well worth it and they give a professional look too!  Buy one online, today.


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