Plant Label Tips When Selling Plants

If you are a seller of plants, then you will most likely have plant labels set on your items. Ensure that you have the following listed on your plant labels to give your buyers a better understanding of how they should care for these plants.


Plant Label Tips for Perennials

If you are selling perennial plants, mention when it should be trimmed. If possible, provide a visual reference on how this is to be done.


Plant Label Tips for Annuals

Include in your label how they can collect and save seeds for the next year. You may also show how they can organize these seeds so it will be easier to locate.


Plant Label for Fruit Growing Trees

To entice people to buy fruit growing trees, indicate in the label if these can be grown indoors. To do so, tell how these can grow even with low light, especially for apartment dwellers.


Plant Label for Herbs

Herbs need proper fertilization to grow healthily. Unfortunately, this can be daunting for new gardeners. Make it easier for them by adding how much fertilizer to put into these herbs and when it should be added.


Plant Label for Vegetables

One of the common problems of vegetables is common pests. Give your vegetable buyers an additional treat by giving them a home recipe on how to get rid of these.


Click here to know natural ways on how you can get rid of these pests.


Plant Label for Flowers

Excite new flower gardeners by letting them know how fast these plants will bloom. This will give them additional motivation to take care of these flowers.


Make your plant labels useful for your customers by using a label that has a large face plate so you can add additional information, even a picture of the mature plant, to help them visualize and take the guess work out of it! Choose from a variety of sizes and colors so the label stands out or is somewhat hidden. Order an MCG Biomarker, today.

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