7 Common Frustrations of First Time Gardeners

Are you planning to start your own garden at home?

Are you prepared for what to expect once you start gardening?

Do you have any fears before you start the journey to becoming a gardener?


It is but natural to have some fears when starting something new. Perspective Collective shared some of the reasons behind these fears. Most of which is because of the following factors:


  • The unknown
  • Commitment
  • Putting themselves out there
  • Failing
  • Succeeding
  • Not being perfect immediately


In this article, we’ll help you overcome one of these factors: the unknown, so you can enjoy your love for gardening. We’ll show you what you should expect when starting a garden and how to succeed with these frustrations.


1.Poor Soil Drainage


Some plant beds are simply not perfect for gardening as you may have clay soils that retain water causing your plants to suffocate and die. You can amend the clay, but it is a lot of work and extra expense, by incorporating organic matter to your soil. Add some worm castings to activate humic acid formation. You can also clump this together so they can form larger particles that will make larger air spaces.


  1. Appearance of slugs


Holes appearing on your flowers and leafy plants, will surely leave you in frustration. When you see this, it’s time to hunt for some slugs or snails. To get rid of these pests, you need some SLUGGO help. Buy one online as it is safe to use even with children and pets.


  1. Weeds


This is one of the most dreaded things a gardener wants to see in their garden, but how do you get rid of these weeds safely and naturally?


You may use these common kitchen materials to get rid of these weeds.


NOTE:  Weeds are one of the main enemies of your garden. Don’t lose heart because you see some growing in your beds. It is natural. Rather, do your best to quickly remove them to avoid the weeds getting the nutrients and not your plants.


  1. Wilting plants


It is not summer, and I do my best to water my plants, but I still see my potted plants wilting. What shall I do?


Relax! It could be you are over watering your plants. Too much water is not good because it will only lead to rotting roots.


How do you know if there’s too much or too little water in the soil?


Dip your finger and see how much moisture it has. For the best watering tips, water your plants SLOWLY and thoroughly. You’ll notice a big difference after following this instruction.


  1. Squirrels are making my bulbs their snack


Everyone needs to survive, that includes our squirrel friends. When they start munching on your bulbs it can be a very frustrating and most of them will not survive. Protect your bulbs by burying half an inch of chicken wire to your bulbs so these little fluffy friends of ours won’t reach them.


You may have your own frustrations with your gardens, so please share it with us. We’re happy to help!

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