Gardening as a Bond of Friendship with Nature

“When you change the way you look at things, the thing you look at change.”


This is true in so many ways, especially in gardening. If you look at the soil that will touch your hands, and the daily routine that you need to do to ensure your plants will survive; then you may end up not pursuing your dream of gardening. But if you look at the beautiful flowers that your garden will produce and the healthy fresh veggies your family will be eating; then doing all these routines will be worth it.


So, you see, everything is a matter of perspective.


Let gardening be a friendship contract between you and Mother Nature. Treat it as a pact – take care of your produce and Nature will reward you to your heart’s content.


Anything that can damage the growth of your garden is your enemy. So do your best to protect it against aphids, beetles, mites, moths, flies and even squirrels. Don’t know where to begin?


Read our blog about natural ways you can control your garden pests.


Keep your garden soil healthy, after all this is the main source of nutrients for your beloved plants. Fertilize it as needed with organic materials. Click here to learn tips on how you can create your own fertilizer.


Now that you have enjoyed your friendly relationship with Mother Nature, it is time to share the same feeling with the community. Begin by giving them some of your fresh produce or probably inviting your friends over your garden so they can admire the beauty of your flowers.


Keep them engaged and interested in the value gardening can add to their life. Educate them about these plants by adding organic markers in your pots or garden beds. In this manner, you will be the new ambassador of gardening so Mother Nature will have more friends.


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