Crazy Garden Facts You Didn’t Know

How well do you know your garden?


You must have started it, or your parents may have grown it for you from the beginning until you yourself fell in love with gardening. But these tidbits may have been something they never told you.


  1. Sunflower is more than just a single flower


Oh yes! A sunflower may look just like one flower to your eyes, but these yellow petals is a thousand to two thousand individual flowers.


You must have been shocked by this FACT. We were, too! But this is a fact. A single stalk of sunflower is holding close to two thousand individual flowers.


So next time you look at your beloved sunflowers, be more amazed because a lot of wonders happen in that single stalk. Just look closely and be mesmerized with it.


  1. Your plants can hear.


We are not hallucinating. But plants, even without “ears” can hear. In a study, a greenhouse with a voiced soundtrack showed more vibrant and growth compared to a silent greenhouse. So, you may add some songs to your garden if you wish your lovely blooms to be even more beautiful.


Click here for more studies related to plants and music:


  1. Baking soda can make your potatoes sweeter.


For all the potato lovers out there, sprinkling baking soda on your plant’s soil has been known to reduce acidity. This helps in sweetening not only your potatoes but your other tubers as well.


  1. Give your date some fruit rather than roses on a Valentine’s Day


This is a catch for all those hopeless romantics. As a change, why not give them peaches, pears, cherries, raspberries, pears, and even strawberries rather than the ordinary rose.




Because these fruit is a part of the rose family.


Are you interested to learn more interesting facts about your garden and plants?   Keep on following our blog.




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