Things to Remember When Planting Crops During Winter

Gardening crops during the winter season can be challenging, but with a few tips and tricks, this is possible. Moreover, you’ll realize that these fruits, even smaller can actually be sweeter in taste. So are you ready to take on the challenge? Read on to learn more.


Harvesting Citrus Fruits During Winter


Is it possible to harvest fruits during winter? Yes! The trick is dwarfing it.




Put these citrus plants in pots and keep them on the porch or indoor. Your plants may not grow tall, but it will give you a big surprise when it starts growing fruits even during wintertime. Give it a try.


Schedule when to water your crops


Consider the hottest time of the day to do your watering. This ensures it will not leave frost on your soil and it will keep the water flowing throughout your entire plant system.


If the weather becomes extremely cold, do your best to water them when it becomes the warmest. Otherwise, water your plants in the morning because the temperature is sure to decrease when night time arrives.


Keep the soil warm with mulch cover


Cover the soil by layering it with vegetables and garden bulbs. This not only adds warmth to the plants but it also gives them additional moisture for absorption.


When the temperature hits very low temperature, do cover it with a tarp or fleeces, especially if you are still growing your young seedlings. Otherwise, cover them with plastic bottles cut in half so it can be used as shade for your plants.


Carefully harvest your plant


Due to the sensitive situation of your plants, it is best to harvest your crops more carefully during winter. Know that breaking the stem or damaging the root system of your crops can be detrimental to their survival. So take your time when getting your fruits and veggies from these crops.


These are just some of the tips we can share with you to ensure a happy harvest even during the winter season. Do you have other tips to ensure your plants grow well even during the winter season? We are happy to learn more from you.

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