Benefits of MCG Biomarkers

The basics of

What are MCG Biomarkers

MCG Biomarkers are plant markers that are created from a combination of corncob and recycled polyethylene or polypropylene to develop strong and durable material that can be used outdoor without damaging. The original plant marker was introduced to the market in 2009 as an experiment. It was the first marker made out of biocomposites as a mode of proving that biomarkers can be made through injection molding to substitute virgin plastics that are petroleum based.

How MCG BioMarkers are beneficial to customers?

Here are some benefits of MCG BioMarkers to customers .

The labels used on BioMarkers are laser printed or handwritten. Moreover, they are pressure sensitive and waterproof. Thus, your labels cannot erase when it rains. They remain readable and intact during all weather conditions. However, when it’s time to peel, they do not leave a mark. To retain the label, you just clean the marker and write or laser print another label. Though the markers peel, they retain the labels longer as compared to other plant marking methods. In addition, being pressure sensitive, they are easy to remove when they start wearing out.

Biomarkers are available in there sizes; 9.25″ long, 1.875″ x 2.875″, 13″ long, 2.5″ x 4.0″ and 24″ long, 5″ x 4″. All the three sizes feature a straight marking surface. However, the 13″ and 24″ long markers feature angled tops. Different types mean that customers have a choice in terms of the size of their gardens and plants they wish to mark. Furthermore, some customers would prefer the angled tops as compared to the straight top.

Plants undergo different growth stages that could be hard to identify especially during the sapling stage. Also, BioMarkers are used to identify different plant types that may need additional care. For instance, fruits and vegetables require special care and additional nutrients to give the best produce. Thus, marking them for easy identification and attention is important.

MCG BioMarkers lower the use of non-renewable petroleum-based materials that are used to make plastic garden markers. Additionally, the BioMarkers are made from recycled materials. These features allow customers to utilize more sustainable products for a number of garden, agricultural, industrial and lawn application. The biocomposites that are utilized to create the markers promote the reuse of plastic materials and create a market for agricultural bioproducts. This is a clear indication that BioMarkers are part of the green and eco-friendly gardening campaign that most people are joining and practicing.

Every gardener loves their garden and takes pride in seeing results. However, a gardener can only take pride if they envision what is growing where in their garden. Thus, plant labels offer convenience among other growth and care benefits for gardeners. Gardeners who practice eco-gardening would feel prouder when using BioMarkers that encourage recycling.

MCG BioComposites LLC specializes in offering innovative biocomposite gardening, agricultural and lawn solutions. Thus, it relies on its expertise in blending recycled plastics and biomass to develop quality formulations that are tailored to cater for different gardening and industrial applications. Thus, MCG BioMarkers are well thought of garden signs that embrace eco-gardening.

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